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Learn Digital Marketing from Industry Experts in Jalandhar. 90% Practical Course.

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We are the first and only Institute in Punjab, Awarded as " Best Digital Marketing Company in Punjab, the Year 2020.

Custom Course

Our course is designed as per your needs. You learn here as per your interest, You choose your niche, Which makes you more creative.

Agency Based Live Training

You will learn here as you are working in a company on live projects. It is a practical course, where we all work as a Team Members.

Advanced Digital Marketing Training in Jalandhar, Punjab

Digital marketing is so much important to grow your business and for keeping your business in light. So that your audience would know your name and brand value. Along with that digital marketing includes services that allow your brand to bring more valuable leads and valuable traffic. Digital marketing does not only give opportunities to brands but also it allows accelerating the career to newcomers. We provide Digital Marketing Training in Jalandhar, and we have seen that if you are getting valuable training which provides you clarification on all the modules of digital marketing in-depth then you open all the doors of success in digital marketing for yourself. Institutes like us also provide you with the Google certification after your completion which gives you extra exposure and ladders up to your curriculum with on-hand experience.

Why learn Digital Marketing with Digital Raisers Academy?

  • Practical training on live projects
  • Learn to make money online
  • Free business classes for everyone
  • Interview training at the end of the course
  • Google certifications
  • Learn how to start your own business online
  • World’s first customer practical course
  • Create and run your Live campaigns

Single Course Multiple Jobs

Join Digital Marketing Training In Jalandhar & Boost Your Career

career in digital marketing
Digital marketing is a combination of 22+ modules. Each module has the potential to become your career option.
Analytics, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Social media management, Search engine optimization, Website designing without coding, Graphic designing, Video Editing, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing, YouTube SEO, YouTube Marketing, Email marketing, lead generation, Blogging, Earn money online, Retargeting and remarketing Strategies.
Advance Digital Marketing Course is a 5 Month course and we also provide weekend classes for those who have some time management problems. We get it all covered.

Who are we?

We are a team of professionals who provides all the knowledge which you need throughout the Google certified Digital Marketing Training in Jalandhar. We have almost 22 plus modules for your certification course. We have given our whole life to marketing and we know it worth’s it. Digital marketing is the career that allows you to work with multinational brands and gives you the spotlight in every category and we are giving freshers an opportunity to do so.
Digital Marketing Training in Jalandhar includes many modules to cover on but each of the topics needs a depth expertise knowledge to perform in well. Some of the important modules are-

  • Content marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Search engine marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Analytics
  • Pay Per Click
  • Email marketing

Content marketing 

Content marketing is something that allows you to drive the right audience on your channels with creativity. Content marketing is all; about creativity. We know creativity is something that u can only bring in you with hard work and deep thinking. That’s something no one can teach but in this Digital Marketing Training in Jalandhar, we can teach you how you can use your basic creativity to make it polish through on hand practice and hard work.

It can give a lot of advantage to brands in terms of showcasing the value which they can bring. And this best thing you can learn if you are going with the best digital marketing course in Jalandhar. 

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is a needed skill in digital marketing. In simple words, it gives your website a spotlight on search engines. It will depend on your SEO skills that if your website is on the top of the search results or not. Our professional team provides an SEO course in Jalandhar with all the tools and skills we have on the table. SEO is something that is easy to learn if you have the right team behind you.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is all about creativity with the right strategy. It is used to get valuable traffic and the leads which you can get on social media are highly valued than other channels and also it gives awareness about your brand and gives your brand more opportunities to interact with your targeted audience. And with a digital marketing course, you can master the skills in it. Which includes the strategies of analysing the insights and interactions?

Search Engine Marketing 

Search engine marketing we use when you don’t want to depend upon organic traffic so much because it costs more of your time to bring the organic audience on your website instead of that you can use search engine marketing through ad channels like Google Ads. Which brings more audience through paid advertising with an instant effect? With this course, you will learn to use them strategically also you will come to learn more players like Ads which are Bing ads and AOL search etc.


Today, it’s more important to learn about your audience more because then only you can serve them more efficiently online. You can do that with the help analytics. Like you can know that on which part they are more spending the time and on which part they are spending the least time so that you can more work on them. In Digital marketing institute in Jalandhar, our professional teamwork so hard and efficiently to make your study on this part so that you can learn to optimize more efficiently by learning out your customer’s behaviour through analytics.

Email marketing 

Email marketing is the most popular and widely used more of marketing of this era. It doesn’t matter if you are a small business or a brand. If you are doing email marketing, then you will see the difference in the volume of leads. Email marketing always gives value to every penny also it needs more skills and strategic knowledge to make it right and with Digital Marketing Course in Jalandhar, our professional team of marketing will get you through of every tool and skills which are available in the universe of marketing.
It is always worth doing it. We have seen the successes the brands got through email marketing. Take an example of Netflix or Amazon. They always take their email marketing so seriously and with a lot of creativity and personalization’s they have seen the growth of volume in leads.

Advance Digital Marketing Course Curriculum

Learn every skill to implement digital marketing in web & social media. Target your customers in Social Media, Search, Web, Email, etc. Digital Raisers has 30+ modules which include a combination of Digital Marketing, Web Designing, Graphic Designing & Video Editing. We are providing more then 30 Modules in our Digital Marketing Training in Jalandhar We have divided Digital Marketing Training in Jalandhar content into 30 parts. Our Digital Marketing Course in Jalandhar content is specially designed for newbies and beginners for a better career. Digital Raisers is the best Digital Marketing Institute Jalandhar for every professional, entrepreneur, college’s trainee and students. Learn Core Concepts of Digital Marketing By Working On Real-time Projects. All in One Digital Marketing Training for, Working Professionals, Students & Business Owners. This Digital Marketing Course Content helps you to understand each and every technology related to digital marketing. We are pioneer in this course and best institute for Digital Marketing Course in Jalandhar.

Advance Digital Marketing Course Structure (30+ Modules)

1. Introduction of Digital Marketing

  • What is Digital Marketing?
  • What is marketing?
  • How many types of marketing?
  • Basics of Online Marketing
  • The difference between Internet Marketing vs Traditional Marketing
  • Search Engine Basics
  • Key points of internet marketing
  • Basic terms used in internet marketing
  • Effective platforms for promotions
  • Why are people moving to digital marketing?
  • How much business can you grab after using internet marketing techniques?
  • Structure of Online Marketing
  • Fundamentals of Google Algorithm
  • Process of Digital Marketing
  • Scope of Digital Marketing

2. Website Planning

  • Webpage and website
  • Basics of HTML
  • Other languages for website creation
  • Common tag
  • PHP Based Platform
  • What is a webpage?
  • Types of Website
  • Difference between Blog and Service Webpage
  • WordPress
  • Difference between themes and plugins
  • Posts vs pages
  • Category vs tags
  • General Customization
  • What is WordPress?
  • How to change the theme in WordPress?
  • How to use the plugin?

3. Domain Marketing

  • Narrow your focus.
  • Find names that offer real value.
  • Check domain availability
  • Evaluate the price
  • Get your domains front and center

4. Website Creation

  • How to install WordPress?
  • How to upload Demo content?
  • How to install premium plugins?
  • Difference between Free themes and premium themes
  • Create Posts and Pages

5. Content Writing

  • Brainstorming to Develop Content Ideas?
  • Powerful Keyword Research Tools
  • Observation of what you can write
  • Do’s and Don’ts of Content Writing
  • Rechecking and Editing

6. Keyword Research

  • What is Keyword Research?
  • Use of Keyword Research Tools
  • Short-tail Keywords vs Long-Tail Keywords
  • Selection of Best Keywords
  • How to find best selling keywords?

7. Adobe Photoshop

  • Default Settings, Workspaces
  • Opening and Creating New Documents
  • Layers, Blending
  • Tools
  • Selection Tools
  • Manipulation Tools- Basics
  • Manipulation Tools – In Action
  • Manipulation Tools – Final
  • Creation Tools – Basics
  • Creation Tools – Usage
  • Creation Tools – Advance Features
  • Creation Tools – Other stuff
  • Workspace Tools
  • Work Flow – Basics
  • Work Flow – Usage
  • Work Flow – Advance
  • Photo Correction

8. Search Engine Optimization

  • What is Seo?
  • What is a Search Engine?
  • How does the search engine work?
  • Objective of Seo
  • Types of SEO
  • What is the Onpage SEO?
  • Domain optimization
  • Meta tags Optimization
  • Content Optimization
  • Image Optimization
  • Latent Semantic Indexing
  • Robots.txt
  • Sitemap.xml
  • Website Loading
  • Schema
  • Use of Internal Link vs External link
  • Types of Linking
  • How to Create an Anchor Tag?
  • Difference between Inbound and Outbound linking
  • Ways of Linking
  • Techniques of Seo
  • Process of Backlinks
  • Off-Page Techniques
  • The Goal of Seo?
  • 3 Steps to Get to the Top of Google
  • Content Optimization
  • Effective ways of Backlinks
  • Types of Link Juices
  • Difference between the Domain Authority and Page Authority
  • Difference between Domain Rating and URL Rating
  • Majestic SEO
  • Ahrefs
  • Find out top authority content for backlinks
  • Backlink Building
  • Domain Authority vs Page Authority

9. Technical SEO

  • How to Build a Killer Content to Keyword Map
  • How to Optimize for Competitors Branded Keywords
  • The Rules of Link Building
  • Targeted Link Building in 2020
  • Attributes that influence a Link’s Value
  • How to Appear in Google’s Answer Boxes
  • Google Algorithm Updates
  • Ranking Factors
  • How to convert goals into reportable metrics
  • How to prove the ROI of SEO Campaigns
  • Generate SEO Report for your client

10. Black Hat SEO

  • Techniques of SEO
  • Black Hat SEO Strategies
  • White Hat SEO Strategies
  • Grey Hat SEO Strategies
  • Domain Authority vs Domain Rating
  • Page Authority vs URL Rating
  • How to Build Authority with Backlinks
  • How to Protect yourself your Black Hat SEO
  • How to convert goals into reportable metrics
  • How to prove the ROI of SEO Campaigns
  • Generate SEO Report for your client

11. E-Commerce SEO

  • What is E-commerce SEO?
  • Understanding of Best product keywords
  • How to index product in search engine?
  • Rank on Potential Keywords
  • Increase Quality Backlinks

12. Local SEO

  • What is Local SEO?
  • How to create Google my business?
  • How to increase reviews
  • How to optimize GMB?
  • Increase citation for GMB

13. Competitive Analysis

  • Choose the right metrics.
  • Choose the right marketing channels
  • Choose the right competitors.
  • Prove your marketing value with a competitive analysis report.

14. Google WebMaster

  • Use of Google Webmaster
  • What is Search Appearance in Google Webmaster tool?
  • What is Data Highlighter?
  • What is Rich snippets or Schema?
  • What are HTML Improvements?
  • What is AMP ( Accelerated Mobile Pages )?
  • How to use AMP in HTML pages?
  • Search Appearance
  • Structured Data
  • Sitelinks
  • What is Search Analytics?
  • What are Queries in Google Webmaster tools?
  • What is Crawl Stats vs Crawl Error?
  • How to remove pages from Google Search results?
  • How to index pages in search engine through Google Webmaster?
  • How to Check Robots.txt?
  • How to remove bad backlinks from your website?
  • Google Index – Index Status
  • Crawl – Fetch as Google and robots.txt

15. Google Analytics

  • Use of Google Analytics
  • How to attach Google Analytics with the website?
  • How to check visitors in real-time through Google Analytics?
  • Difference between Session vs Page view
  • How to Add Website in Google Analytics?
  • Demographics and Interests Report
  • Geo Report ( Language and Location )
  • How to check user behaviour from Google Analytics?
  • How to check user browser from which he is coming to your website?
  • How to check user coming from Organic, Social or direct?
  • Adsense & In-Page Analytics
  • Multi-Channel Funnels

16. Creative Designing

  • How to Create Creatives for Social Media?
  • Decide the best size for social media
  • Text ratio in the image
  • Use Instant Creative Designing Tools

17. Social Media Optimization (SMO)

  • What is Social Media?
  • Social Media Uses
  • Social Media Platforms
  • Benefits of social media
  • How to target the right audience?
  • What is Social Media Optimization?
  • How to increase the reach of organic posts?
  • How to increase engagements?
  • Social media tools
  • How to add a large number of friends in a single click
  • How to grow your Instagram fast?
  • How to use Pinterest?

18. Facebook Marketing

  • What is Social Media Marketing?
  • How many types of ads can we run on Facebook?
  • How to use Facebook for lead generation?
  • Can we use Facebook for branding?
  • How to target the right audience?
  • How to increase the likes of the Facebook business page?
  • How to create Facebook Ads?
  • How to decide demographics?
  • Facebook Ads Automation
  • Run an ad on Instagram
  • How to grow your Instagram fast?
  • How to run an ad on Linkedin?
  • How to run an ad on twitter?
  • How to increase engagement of tweets?
  • How to generate leads through Facebook Marketing?
  • How to add conversion tracking pixel code?

19. LinkedIn Marketing

  • When to use Linkedin Marketing?
  • How to generate B2B Leads?
  • Create Linkedin Sponsored Ads
  • Selection of Best Ads in Linkedin

20. Twitter Marketing

  • What is Twitter Marketing?
  • How to create Twitter ads?
  • Increase followers with Twitter Ads
  • Increase website visitors through twitter ads

21. Pinterest Marketing

  • What is Pinterest Marketing?
  • When to use Pinterest Marketing?
  • Country selection depends on Products
  • Key factors to use Pinterest Ads
  • Increase sales with Pinterest

22. Instagram Marketing

  • What is Instagram Marketing?
  • Use Instagram Marketing for influencing
  • How to create Instagram ads?
  • Generate leads through Instagram Marketing
  • Drive traffic to your website with Instagram Ads

23. Blog OutReach

  • Understand the Need for Bloggers
  • Set Goals
  • Find Relevant Bloggers
  • Collaborate with Bloggers
  • Measure Results

24. Google Ads

  • What is Google Adwords
  • What is Bing Ads
  • What is Campaign?
  • What is Adgroups?
  • Difference between Ads and Keywords?
  • How many types of ads?
  • Difference between dynamic search ads and dynamic keyword insertion?
  • Keyword Match Types
  • Broad Match Types
  • Phrase Match Types
  • What is Pay Per Click?
  • How to create Search Ads?
  • How to select the right keywords for search Ads?
  • Exact Match Types
  • Broad Modified Match Types
  • Ad Extension
  • Bid Adjustment
  • How to control fraud click on your ad
  • Bid Simulator
  • Advanced location options
  • Keyword Match Types
  • How to use Negative Keywords?

25. Display Marketing

  • What is Display Marketing?
  • How to create Banner ads?
  • Selection of Affinity and In-Market Audience
  • Create Remarketing with Display Ads
  • How to lower CPC?

26. Video Marketing

  • What is Video Marketing?
  • Difference between Video Marketing Vs Video Optimization?
  • How to promote videos through Google Adwords?
  • How to Create in-stream Ads?
  • How to increase Video views?
  • What are CPV and CPM?
  • Video Marketing basic concepts
  • True View Ads vs Stream Ads
  • How to create Sequence Ads?
  • How to create Bumper Ads?

27. Email Marketing

  • What is Email Marketing?
  • How many types of Email Marketing?
  • How to use Aweber?
  • Can we use Mailchimp for Email Marketing?
  • How to collect data for Email Marketing?
  • How to extract customers data?
  • How to setup templates and Newsletter?
  • How to send bulk email with your own mail server?
  • Every post notifications on Email
  • Collects leads from Email
  • How to create a newsletter for Email Marketing?
  • How to analyze the Bounce rate and Open rate?
  • How to generate leads through Email Marketing?

28. Content Marketing

  • What is Content Marketing?
  • How many types of Content Marketing?
  • Difference between Informative and Potential Content?
  • Content Marketing Do’s and Dont’s
  • Content Planning
  • Final words on your Strategy
  • How to generate leads through potential content?
  • How to target potential customers through the right content?
  • Find the right keywords for content marketing
  • Effective content marketing strategy
  • Let’s talk about strategy for content marketing
  • Analyzing the keyword for content

29. YouTube Video Optimization

  • Video Optimization Basics
  • How to increase your views on youtube?
  • How to monetize your youtube video?
  • How to rank videos in 24hr in youtube?
  • YouTube Ranking Techniques
  • Annotations
  • Using YouTube Cards
  • How to get more subscribers in youtube
  • How to get more views with low subscribers?
  • Social media impact on youtube video ranking
  • Audience Retention
  • YouTube Analytics

30. Google Ad sense

  • What Is Google Adsense?
  • Difference between Google Adwords vs Google Analytics
  • How much minimum traffic do I need for Google Adsense approval?
  • Which sizes for Adsense is very effective?
  • How to create Google Adsense account
  • Different types of Ad unit
  • Plugin for AdSense integration
  • Adsense Reports Study
  • Difference between Google Adsense vs Affiliate Marketing?
  • What is CPC?
  • Easy steps for Google Adsense

31. Affiliate Marketing

  • What is Affiliate Marketing?
  • Minimum eligibility for Affiliate Marketing
  • How can we start earning from Affiliate Marketing?
  • How to differentiate between potential keyword vs Normal keyword?
  • Affiliate Landing Pages
  • How to get affiliate links?
  • How to find low competitive keywords with high potential for Affiliate Marketing?
  • How to apply for Commission Junction and Commission?
  • Differentiate between CPA and CPL?
  • Easy steps to earn from Affiliate Marketing
  • How to redirecting visitors to Affiliate page?
  • Affiliate Earning Models

32. Earn as a Freelancer

  • What is Freelancing?
  • How to get a project on Freelancer?
  • How to get the project on Upwork?
  • How to Create gigs on Fiverr?
  • How to generate sales on Fiverr?

33. Certifications

  • Google Ads Fundamental Certification
  • Google Ads Search Certification
  • Google Ads Display Certification
  • Google Ads Mobile Certification
  • Google Ads Video Certification
  • Digital Sales Certification
  • Google Analytics Certification
  • Facebook Blueprint Certification


Become Digital Marketing Experts

Scope of Digital Marketing Course in Jalandhar

Choosing a career for yourself can be so confusing because it will affect your entire life. This decision should be taken after you go through all of the benefits of choosing a particular line. If you want to go for digital marketing then let us tell you that scope of taking digital marketing course is so wide that you can choose any career related to advertising after that and now companies give value to these courses because they also know that person going through from these qualitative courses will understand their business model properly. we are working as a digital marketing institute Jalandhar​, providing this course at a very affordable price by covering all the modules of it. Let’s discuss the future path you can take after completing this course-

  • Digital marketing manager– In this course we also cover the strategies for setting up digital marketing campaigns including web, email, content, etc. so you will be prepared for going for the position of digital marketing and you will be qualified for that. Being a digital marketing manager requires a skill set which you can learn easily by going through our modules.
  • SEO– ​We have modules for you that refer to learning SEO from scratch to learning technical SEO, local SEO, black hat SEO, etc. which gives you the benefit of choosing career fully in as an SEO manager. SEO managers hold the responsibility of ranking websites and companies always demand better SEO experts who have taken SEO courses.
  • PPC Executive– ​We also have modules in this course that helps you in learning about the strategies to make PPC campaign effective. Along with that we are fully equipped to make you learn using google ads, Facebook ads and other paid advertising platforms effectively. PPC executives are highly paid in any advertising agency because of their nature of work. This can be the right path for you to obtain after taking the ​best digital marketing course in Jalandhar. ​There is no harm in learning an online skill which gives you benefits in your future endeavours. It not only gives you a valuable certificate but also valuable learning which is demanded in every business right now.
These were some of the paths you can take also by the completion of this course you will also learn about earning individually by doing freelancing and you can be your boss. These paths are only possible if you take the right step of learning first. Candidates who have gone through from ​digital marketing institute in Jalandhar are getting opportunities from renowned companies because of their upgraded skills set after taking this course. Why don’t you take a demo of your digital marketing course in Jalandhar today and decide if its worthy of your time?

Digital Marketing Manager

PPC Manager

SEO Manager

PPC Executive

SEO Executive

Digital Marketing Executive

Acceleration Means Digital Marketing

Digital marketing course gives you extra leverage on your path of career to accelerate your skills with the right execution. Also with the Google certification, you can show the recruiters that you have professionally learned these modules with more depth. Every advertising agency in the world requires you to have in-depth knowledge of digital marketing before they have you on board. Also along with the certification course, you will be getting on hand practice work experience with professional agencies like us.

Then why wasting so much time on thinking. You can request for demo class from Digital marketing for Google certification digital marketing course today.

Get Your Google Certification

Google certification is part of our digital marketing course Jalandhar. After completing the course we prepare the students for Google Certification which has great value for freelancing projects.  Google certification exam is conducted online by Google at free of cost. Digital Raisers will help you prepare and pass the following exams:

  • AdWords Fundamentals
  • Search Advertising
  • Display Advertising
  • Video Advertising
  • Shopping Advertising
  • Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ)


Web Design

Website designing

Duration 14 days
Video Editor

Video editing and YouTube marketing

Duration 21 days
fb ads

Facebook Ads

Duration 16 days

Punjab’s #1 Digital Marketing Program in Associated Partner with:



1.What is your focus while training? Is it related to interviews only?

Our aim during training is to produce Digital Marketing Professionals, who all can run Marketing campaigns. Digital Raisers plan and trained professionals systematically so that they can be able to execute the Digital Marketing Program successfully. Our Digital Marketing Training in Jalandhar program, methods and materials are of world-class and designed to trained agency staff. Our program is designed to train in such a way that everyone will be able to learn everything from the root level so that they can build many things on top of the same.

2. What all are the career opportunities in the field of Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing helps you to diversify your skills and helps you to pursue your carrier in many ways. You can be Freelancer, Entrepreneur or can work as Professional and earn handsome money from websites.

3.Who all can do this Digital Marketing course?

Anyone who is interested in learning concepts of Digital Marketing can opt this course. Then also to be specified below is the list of people who all can pursue this course.

  • Business owners
  • Job seekers
  • Career seekers
  • Business Development Managers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Free Lancers
  • Bloggers
  • Web Designers

4. Does your agency help in Google Certification also?

Off course as our training and course includes complete training, guidance and support on Google certification. We prepare our members by providing training in a way that they can be Google certified and also this certification is valid for a year.

5. What all are payment options for getting training?

You can pay online or by cheque.

6. I am not able to decide to go for which course? Can you help?

Yes. Why not. Just contact us by any means and our representatives will help you by guiding through consultation. This will help you exactly to select a course which can fulfil your needs.

7. What about certification? Do you provide certificate also?

Yes, Digital Raisers do provide the certificate after successful completion of the training session.

8. Do you provide practical training also?

Yes, our Digital Marketing Training in Jalandhar modules are designed for theory and practise both. Digital Raisers use to provide live exposure on projects and give assignments to test your skill levels.

9. I am experienced in traditional marketing. Can I go for Digital Marketing? Can this help me in my career?

Definitely. This will help you in your career as now a day’s organizations are looking for professionals having experience in traditional and Digital Marketing both. This will excel in your career.

10. Will I become an expert after going through these courses?

No, we cannot confirm the same. How can you become an expert in a couple of months, but Digital Raisers can promise you that our courses will help you in building strong fundamentals on which you can build your expertise and our courses will reduce the time for you to become an expert in this field.

11. Can Digital marketing course can be pursued online?

Yes, you can learn the Digital Marketing course online due to limitations of time. But we will advise you to learn the offline course from the nearest Digital Marketing Institute Jalandhar. It will help you to grasp the course thoroughly.

12. Is Digital Marketing course helpful for freelancers?

Yes, Digital Marketing Course is helpful to freelancers. You can work on your own after completing Digital Marketing Course in Jalandhar for any kind of business.